Compassionate Refactoring

Wednesday, April 12, 2023
10am - 4:30pm Eastern

Clare Sudbery, an experienced technical coach, will lead you through a full-day, interactive deep-dive to help you use compassion to make it easier to write good code and refactor on a regular basis. 


What People Are Saying:

I thought it was a great look at refactoring. Most refactoring talks focus on the technical sides. This one touched on the not often discussed topic of why doesn't it happen and how can we increase the likelihood of it happening.

Sam Taggart, Founder of SAS Workshops and Host of The LabVIEW Experiment

We don't talk about compassion enough, period. we are all humans. compassion is a critical component in all professions, tech included.

Zhou Fang, Founder of Intersectional Group

$997.00 USD

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