Empathy-Driven Software Development 

Online Course Series | Presented by Andrea Goulet
Part 1: Empathy Is a Technical Skill
Part 2: Empathy System Architecture


Learn how to use empathy to write cleaner code, create better products, and lead higher-performing teams.

Part 1: Empathy is a Technical Skill

Learn what empathy is, what it isn't, why it's important, and where it shows up when we develop software. 

  • Separate empathy fact from empathy fiction
  • Improve flexible thinking and perspective taking
  • Build a healthy empathy identity
  • Recognize where empathy can harm as well as help
  • Move from a colloquial to a technical understanding of empathy
  • Work more effectively across departments
  • Explore empathy through software metaphors
  • Uncover empathy opportunities hidden in your codebases
  • Use empathy for better Agile implementation
  • Build stronger, higher-performing teams
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Part 2: Empathy System Architecture

Learn how to map empathy out schematically and level-up twelve critical skills that will help you apply empathy effectively to your work.

  • Identify and align your empathy motivation
  • Give without giving too much
  • Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences
  • Bring more long-term consideration to your decisions
  • Understand diverse perspectives
  • Incorporate ethics into your decision-making
  • Build more resilient software and social systems
  • Develop practices for nurturing compassion and reducing burnout
  • Increase trust and influence across your organization
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Watch the Presentation

Get a sneak peek into what you'll learn in this hour-long presentation, Intro to Empathy-Driven Development, presented by Andrea Goulet for our community, Empathy In Tech.

Casey Watts holding a copy of his book Debugging Your Brain
"I'm constantly impressed with how Andrea ties together empathy research and empathy skill development with software development practices." 

Casey Watts

Author, Debugging Your Brain

You know empathy is an important skill. Maybe you've even had some training to increase awareness. But a big question remains — how do you make empathy executable on a software team? 

That's exactly what you'll learn in our online course series, Empathy-Driven Software Development. Over eight days, you'll discover discrete and concrete applications of empathy that are highly relevant to technologists. 

By the end of this course, you'll walk away with specific practices that will give you the confidence and skills to transform empathy from an abstraction into action.

The course is broken into two parts. The complete series is offered four times per year with live instruction from Andrea Goulet, author of the forthcoming book, Empathy-Driven Software Development

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Caring Skills

Empathy starts with the right motivation. Learn how to level up your empathic concern as a way to buffer against burnout, deepen interpersonal connections, and help others while taking care of yourself.



Cultivating warmth and kindness with an active desire to relieve suffering.


Validating understanding to build trust and deepen interpersonal connections.


Choosing to be generous and acting in prosocial ways that benefit others.

Calming Skills

Intense emotions can cloud your judgment. Learn techniques for improving your emotional regulation so you can notice important details, manage your energy levels, and reduce resentment.



Noticing important details about your environment and internal state.


Nurturing your physical, mental, emotional, and environmental health.


Identifying and clearly communicating what’s okay and what’s not.

Considering Skills

Empathy requires rational and analytical thought for it to be effective. Learn how to use cognitive empathy to uncover deeper meanings, guard against bias, improve your negotiations, and apply ethical frameworks.



Representing perspectives through concepts, beliefs, and inner reasoning.


Seeking diversity and resolving errors, failures, and misunderstandings.


Evaluating actions based on clearly defined values, morals, and principles.

Connecting Skills

Empathy is feeling with people, not for people. Learn how to build your affective empathy skills to facilitate understanding, send and receive emotional support, and leave a legacy.   



Adapting and sharing information based on its destination, channel, and entropy levels.


Mapping interpersonal connections and being strategic about interactions.


Leaving durable evidence of ideas for others to use to reconstruct an understanding.

Casey Watts holding a copy of his book Debugging Your Brain

"The way Andrea links empathy skills like personal boundaries to cyber-resilience strategies is absolutely brilliant!"

Nyota Gordon
TEDx Speaker & Cybersecurity Expert

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed to be beneficial to anyone who works on a software team. While we will look at code samples, it is not necessary to know how to code in a particular language to get benefit from this course. Some examples of roles that would find this course useful include:

  • Developers/Engineers
  • Managers/Directors
  • Designers
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Founders & Executives
  • Testers & QA Engineers
  • Documentation Specialists
  • Operational Support
  • Database Administrators
  • Technical Writers
  • Customer Success Agents
  • Human Resource/Recruiters
Casey Watts holding a copy of his book Debugging Your Brain

"Empathy never made sense to me until I worked with Andrea. Her advice helped me become a better developer and leader."

M. Scott Ford
Co-Founder & CTO, Corgibytes

Meet Your Course Instructor

Andrea Goulet

Headshot of Andrea Goulet, a white woman with dark shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a broad smile

A sought-after trainer and keynote speaker at conferences around the world, Andrea Goulet has led the use of empathy-driven software development practices for over a decade. She is on a personal mission to train 1 million software practitioners on how they can operationalize empathy effectively in their work. 

Andrea has been featured in prominent industry media, such as The First Round Review where her articles have gone viral. With LinkedIn, Andrea produced two courses and has taught over 50,000 students how skills like empathy can lead to better software teams, products, and codebases.

She is the author of the forthcoming book, Empathy-Driven Software Development, and is a passionate community builder. Andrea has co-founded and led two successful consulting businesses: Corgibytes, which modernizes software systems, and Heartware, which helps tech teams bring empathy and effective communication to their work. She is also the host of the Legacy Code Rocks podcast and founder of the online community Empathy In Tech. 

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