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Learn how to bring empathy to your products and services, daily development practices, customer interactions, and company culture. 

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Inspire your group with an event that motivates, educates, and gives participants immediately actionable advice to implement empathy effectively. 

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Applying empathy on the job with skilled mentors who work side-by-side with your team on existing work.  

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With individualized attention, you or your team can get insight, advice, and support for your unique situation.

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Empathy-Driven Development is a human-centered approach to building software that uses continuous communication to generate trust and resilience.


Andrea Goulet

Co-Founder & Chief Vision Officer of Heartware
Author, Empathy-Driven Software Development


Get ready to implement empathy effectively with our comprehensive guide written specifically for technologists.

How can empathy help you?


Without empathy, teams can't prioritize or negotiate scope. Features get delayed. Bullies and micromanagers disincentivize group input. Great ideas go unheard and morale plummets. The highest functioning teams operate with empathy.


Poor naming and outdated documentation lead to misunderstanding and wasted effort. Bugs creep in. Security vulnerabilities open up. The code becomes brittle. If the software is mission-critical, so is the organization.


Nearly 70% of CEOs report struggling with empathy. When empathy doesn't exist with executives, toxic cultures based on shame and blame flourish. There is also little motivation to reduce the societal harm that their companies may cause. 

Empathy is the key to solving some of the most complex problems that developers and tech teams face.                        

Meet our founders. 

Katie Werremeyer

Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer

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For nearly 20 years, Katie has blazed the empathy trail as a software executive. Prior to Heartware, Katie successfully deployed a market-leading growth strategy with empathy-driven customer service as its foundation.     

Under her empathic leadership, her startup quickly scaled into a profitable, high-growth product company, with 500,000+ customers in 120+ countries. Her strategy earned fierce product loyalty, which consistently outcompeted corporate giants such as Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft.

Katie is a fierce advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and has sparked industry-level conversations through her work. 


Andrea Goulet

Co-Founder &
Chief Vision Officer

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A sought-after author, trainer, and keynote speaker, Andrea has pioneered the use of empathy-based software development practices. For over a decade, Andrea has led a consultancy that specializes in software modernization and technical debt management. She's seen first-hand how effective empathy can be for tackling some of the toughest technical challenges. 

Through her online courses, Andrea has taught 50,000+ students how skills like empathy can help software teams work together better and ship higher-quality code faster.  She is a host of the Legacy Code Rocks podcast, has been featured in prominent industry media, such as The First Round Review, and has received numerous awards for her leadership.

Andrea is currently writing her first book, Empathy-Driven Software Development. Published through Pearson, it is expected to be available in early 2023. 

Andrea Goulet

Co-Founder &
Chief Solutions Officer

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Train the software industry on how to use empathy effectively within their codebases, cultures, and community.


Every technologist uses empathy effectively as part of their daily work to help more and harm less.


Teach empathy responsibly. Empathy can backfire, so we approach it with respect, nuance, and pragmatism.

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